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Netflix: Όλα όσα αποσύρονται τον Μάιο

Έντονη κινητικότητα παρατηρείται το Μάιο στο Netflix. Αρκετές συμπαθητικές σειρές αποχωρούν («iZombie», «Uncoupled», «The Originals» και μερικές πριγκίπισσες-βασίλισσες), ενώ γίνονται και κάποιες περίεργες μαζικές «εκκαθαρίσεις» στις ταινίες. Για παράδειγμα στις 6 Μαΐου φεύγουν καμιά 30αριά πολωνικές (!) και στις 15 Μαΐου καμιά 70αριά γαλλικές. Πάμε να τα δούμε ανά είδος και χρονολογικά:


1/5: The Pledge, Knowing, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, 2 Hearts, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, Blended, Christmas Encore, Space Jam, The Reader, The Strange House
2/5: Now You See Me
6/5: Holy Business, Na Uklady Nie Ma Rady, Sniadanie do Iozka, Liitle Jacob, The Fighter, Servants of War, 7 Emotions, Anatomy of Evil, Autsajder, Blindness, Black Mercedes, The Legions, Porady Na Zdrady, Smolensk, Piata Pora Roku, Viva Belarus!, Zyc Nie Umierac, Damaged, Clergy, Prosta Historia o Morderstwie, Black Thursday, The Top Floor, Joy in the World, Father, August Sky – 63 Days of Glory, Mister T., Sophie Seeks 7, Bad Luck Good Love, Exterminator: Ready to Roll, Totem, Odnajde Cie, The Lure
7/5: Toc Toc, She’s All That
8/5: Everything But a Man
11/5: Christmas in Love
12/5: Fatale
13/5: Mindhorn
15/5: Partners in Crime, L’ Etudiante et Monsieur Henri, Pedale Douce, La Tour Montparnasse Infernale, Game of Four, Look at Me, Western, Queen to Play, Voir la Mer, All in Good Time, Detective, Stavinsky…, That’s Show Business, Deep in the Woods, Leon Morin Priest, Fear and Trembling, Daybreak, Crime is Our Business, In Fear, Les Mythos, Cash Truck, Du Jour au Lendemain, Madame Irma, R.I.F, Blue With You, Lucky Star, Nine Months, Choucou, Le Nouveau Protocole, Restons Groupes, Sid & Nancy, Swimming Pool, Let it Rain, Tales of the Night, Don’t Worry I’m Fine, Rosalie Goes Shopping, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, When Pigs Have Wings, Rosa Luxemburg, Raining Cats and Frogs, Janis et John, Fonzy, The Inheritor, The Things of Life, Les Acteurs, Camping a la Ferme, Je Prefere Qu’on Reste Amis, Soul Surfer, Quelque Chose a Te Dire, L’ Amour C’est Mieux a Deux, An Ordinary Execution, Michael Strogoff, The Demons of Jesus, The Hook, Me and My Sister, Hollywoo, Colonel Chabert, The Joint Brothers, Lies and Deception, The Rookie Robbers, Podum, Rivals, Hercule & Sherlock, Jean-Philippe, Stardust, Which Way Love, Dans tes Reves, Flatliners, Laisse tes Mains sur mes Hanches, Body of my Enemy, Hold-Up, Sunny and the Elephant, Mes Stars et Moi, Avenue Montaigne, Tomorrow’s Another Day, Romantics Anonymous, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, The Big Appartment, Le Vilain
16/5: Endless Love, Bad Neighbours 2, Ride Along, Everest, Carlito’s Way, The Boss, Girls Trip, R.I.P.D., Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, Notting Hill, Wanted
17/5: Return to Christmas Creek
20/5: The Festival
21/5: Together Together
25/5: A Dog’s Way Home


1/5: The Spanish Princess seasons 1-2, The White Princess season 1, The White Queen season 1, Uncoupled season 1
3/5: iZombie seasons 1-5
24/5: The Originals seasons 1-5


1/5: Food on the Go, Coffee for All
6/5: Last Breath, Unfinished Time – Poems by Father Jan Twardowski
14/5: Weed the People
19/5: The Last Days


15/5: Mullewapp: A Pig’s Tale, Mullewapp – Das Grosses Kinoabendteuer der Freunde, Booba: Food Puzzle season 1
16/5: Barbie: The Pearl Princess

Εξωτικές «γεύσεις»

Ινδία: CIA: Comrade in America, Aiyaary
Νότια Κορέα: Illang: The Wolf Brigade, Something in the Rain
Νιγηρία: Mama Drama, Clash
Ηνωμένα Αραβικά Εμιράτα: Fan of Amoori, Match, Aerials, Freej Al Taibeen, Ali & Alia, Grandmother’s Farm, Grandmother’s Farm Part 2
Καμπότζη: Jailbreak
Κουβέιτ: Wedy Atkalam, In Paradox, The End
Λίβανος: Heaven Without People
Αίγυπτος: The Suit, The Other

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